We play Reggae Music.  We play it Dirty, we play it Dub style, we play it Rocksteady, we play it full of Soul.  We play Reggae Music.  The West Kensingtons brings together veterans of bands such as the Mephiskapheles, Inspecter 7, the Peeping Toms and SGR to create a new and powerful sound.  After years of knowing each other and appreciating each others talents, we found ourselves living within a few blocks of each other in Philadelphia and it was finally time to play together on a regular basis.  This is how the West Kensingtons were born.   What you will always get with the West Kensingtons is a solid rhythm section, a musical core, this foundation allows us to confidently go in various stylistic directions as desired.  The songs will at times be Instrumental at times they will include vocals, horns, etc., we do what the music dictates.   Our structure allows us to supplement our solid foundation as necessary by calling on some great musicians that are a part of our ever growing Soul/Reggae Club.  This club is made up of veterans of bands such as the Bouncing Souls, the Snails, Ruder than You, Rk$tdy, and The Backyard Superheroes. You will hear our core as well as our musical partnerships reflected in our regular releases as well as our live performances.

  • Julio Apollo XII  

    Julio Apollo XII


  • Quincy Bright  

    Quincy Bright


  • Bill McKinney  

    Bill McKinney


  • Sean Hur  

    Sean Hur


Below are contributors to the West Kensingtons, they are a part of our ever growing Reggae Club. If you have something to contribute, be it as a musician, a designer, a promoter, DJ, artist, film maker, etc… feel free to join us and become a part of the West Kensingtons Reggae Club.

  • The Silvertones  

    The Silvertones

    Check out our record with the legendary Silvertones, Push The Fire

  • Doug Dubrosky  

    Doug Dubrosky

    Tenor Sax

  • Todd Fausnacht  

    Todd Fausnacht

    Vocals on “Con Amore” EP

  • John E.B.  

    John E.B.

    Trumpet and Vocals on “Con Amore” EP

  • Lou Gardiner  

    Lou Gardiner


  • Michael McDermott  

    Michael McDermott

    Drums on “Rally”, “Bringing it to You” and “Con Amore”

  • Adam X  

    Adam X

    Trombone on “Con Amore” EP

  • Tony Knighton  

    Tony Knighton

    Tenor Sax on “Con Amore” EP